VERE at ICT 2013

ICT 2013 – Conference

Virtual Embodiment and Robotic Re-Embodiment (VERE)

The VERE project will be presenting at the ICT Conference in Vilnius, Lithuania, 6-8th November, 2013

Imagine being someone else. You look in a mirror and you see a different face and body, yet when you move you see the reflected body move, and when something touches this body, you feel it. The VERE project (virtual embodiment) has transformed this possibility into reality. “Robotic re-embodiment” supports people who are physically disabled (for example tetraplegics) being “re-embodied” in the physical world, enabling them to move around and interact with people. They are embodied in a humanoid robot, which they can operate through a brain computer interface using either EEG or fMRI, despite being unable world, to move their real bodies.

At our booth, we will give the visitors the experience of having a different body. After entering the virtual reality world they will see themselves in a different body, one that responds to their movements. Furthermore, they will be able to create and animate an avatar that looks like themselves. Visitors may also be transported to Barcelona, embodied in a humanoid robot, using Brain-Computer Interface technology. When in this situation, they will see themselves as a mobile robot in Barcelona. They will use the BCI commands to move the robot, and hence they will be able to interact with local people in the Barcelona site.

Visit us at booth 4C9 and try it!